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Surprise Surprise Surprise, Dow +829 points

If any of you are familiar with the old television show Andy Griffith there was a character on the show, Gomer Pyle, that would say surprise, surprise, surprise. That is what the unemployment numbers gave us on Friday a big surprise boosting the DOW to a gain of over 800 points!

We saw a unique opportunity as well at the end of last week on Twitter (TWTR). The TWTR $31 Calls expiring June 5th we at .93 cents last Friday. We anticipated a 30%+ return but the surprise jobs number sent it up over 300% in five days! President Trump is unhappy with Twitter according to news reports and France has stated Twitter is very welcomed to move to Paris!

The Nasdaq climb back to an all-time high, advancing 2.0% to 9,814.08 on Friday after being down as much as 25% earlier in the year, It is now 9.3% higher for 2020. The S&P 500 gained 2.6%, to 3,193.93 but remains down about 1.1% for 2020. Optik Options is up over 75%. We are beating the S&P once again! “We’re back,” stated CNBC’s Jim Cramer and we agree with Jim! “I think there were a lot of people who felt that the layoffs would be permanent and it’s obvious that there’s so much demand that people have to bring people back.”

Our team at Optik Options has been working hard to redefine the market and develop an actionable paradigm to trade as as Jim Cramer stated WE'RE BACK!

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