Proven Systematic Methodologies

Optik Options has developed a set of proprietary trading algorithms that have proven to be highly accurate for binary option trading as well as traditional options trading. Our system works in both bull and bear markets. It makes no difference, we identify the trend and provide near real time alerts to our subscribers. Our historical performance is a testament to our highly successful methods. To be specific, we buy puts when we detect a dropping market and we buy calls when we detect a rising market. 

In addition, Optik Options has developed a vast private database on options. Using our database of historic options pricing and working with highly reliable technical indicators we work to identify the appropriate options strategies in an effort to maximize results for our subscribers.


Optik employs dynamic options models, leading-edge valuation analysis tools and high speed electronic platforms that enable us to employ systematic trading methodologies with sustainable, competitive, long-term advantages that have continually produced extraordinary results.

Vision - no pun intended

To be the number one global leader and most relied upon financial news alert service that is trusted and relied upon by our subscribers worldwide.


Because we are very focused (but not myopic) on trading the SPY ETF and only the options for the SPY, we came up with the name Optik to indicate that strength of focus and dedication.  Optik is the German variation of the English optic and that signifies our precision in identifying clear market trends that consistently deliver unparalleled results. In addition, while we focus on the SPY we sometimes identify truly amazing opportunities as we did with Under Armor (UA) previously that provided a return of over 400%. In keeping with the name Optik we call these financial news alerts Out-of-FocusTM.


To provide timely and accurate alerts to our subscribers on market direction that will result in significant and consistent gains that outperform all other services.