Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is it that you trade?

Optik focuses on trading the SPY ETF with over $260 billion (AUM) and we issue alerts for both call and put option contracts.  In addition, we issue alerts on what we call Out-of-Focus equities.  Out-of-Focus is a stock that has performed well but has gapped down due to some occurrence such as it may have received a downgrade from an analyst.  We are always looking for a great buying opportunity.


Q. What is your historical trades/performance?

Since providing alerts to the public in 2016, Optik is up over 1,200% (as of June 1, 2020).


Q. I am new to options trading, can I still understand and place the trades?

Yes.  You can work with your broker for assistance in placing a trade. All brokers platforms are different so we can't provide support in placing the trade.  We do provide a very clear alert that all brokers would easily understand. In addition, you may be able to locate a tutorial from your broker on YouTube.


Q. Do you trade on your own alerts?

Yes, we do! We send out the alerts to our subscribers before we place a trade, customers come first!  You will find that our trades are highly liquid enabling large investments as well as ease of entry and exit. Liquidity of an option is very important.


Q. How is the return percentage calculated on your performance page?

(Sale Price minus Alert Price) divided by the Alert Price = Return percentage. As an example, if we send an alert to buy at $1 (Alert Price) and we exit the trade at $1.20 (Sale Price) we would indicate a 20% gain for that trade.


Q. What is the average contract price that you trade?

It all depends. However, as you can see from our performance page the current average contract price is about $2.30.


Q. How much money do I need to be successful?

Most brokerage firms allow individuals to open accounts with as little as $500. We recommend that you start with a minimum of $2,500 to $5,000. Keep in mind that everyone's situation and threshold for loss is different.  We do have some traders we know of using $100,000 per trade with our alerts. Ultimately, only you can determine the right amount to invest working with your financial advisor.


Q. Once I subscribe how does the service work ? What should I expect?

Once you are a subscriber you will receive a welcome email and you will start receiving our Alerts via email. The alerts will be sent to your email address and will state the option to buy, if it is a call or put, the entry price and exit target as well as the projected return.  Here's an example:


   BUY TO OPEN:  BAC  April 21, 2017 -  $26 CALLS


   TARGET EXIT PRICE:  .38 cents good till cancel order

   RETURN OF:  30%

   STOP LIMIT:  .23 cents

It is up to each investor to determine their own exit price/strategy. As you will see from our Performance page we often hold the position longer than our targeted exit price. We do this of course for increased profits but it is dependent upon market conditions. Again, it is up to our subscribers to decide the exit strategy and price that is suitable for their situation.

Q. How many alerts will I receive in a month?

There is not a fixed number of alerts that we provide in a month. It is entirely dependent upon our proprietary algorithms, technical indicators and signals produced by the market as too how many alerts will be issued. Historically, we have sent out between 2 and 5 alerts in any given month.


Q. How much is your service?

Presently, a subscription is only $89.95 per month. Most people think we do not charge enough based upon the incredible returns we provide and also compared to other services that charge several hundred dollars a month.  Our low price was set to allow access to new investors. Please spread the word about your success!


Q. Do you offer billing other than monthly?

No, not at this time. 


Q. How long is each position held, i.e. how long is my money tied up?

There is not a set amount of time. However, most of the trades are open from 2 to 8 days. We think that this provides a greater level of protection than buy and hold because your investment is not continually tied up and subject to adverse market corrections. To clarify this, suppose you bought a stock and held it for a year. That's 365 days you're in the market.  If you do 30 trades with us a year and the trades average 6 days you are exposed for only 180 days. Also with Options Alert PRO we are trading the market direction, so if the market is going up we hope to be making money being long Calls and if the direction is down we hope to be making money being long Puts.  Thus far our performance has been exceptional.


Q. What is your privacy policy and how is my information protected or shared?

We do not share information with anyone. 


Q. Can I auto trade your alerts?

Yes! At the present time you can auto-trade our alerts with AutoShareseOption and Global AutoTrading which places their trades with Interactive Brokers


Q. How can I stop my subscription?

Should you wish to cancel the subscription, service is provided through PayPal and you need to stop the automatic monthly billing.  We can't turn off that billing you need to do it via PayPal.  If you use an auto-trade broker you need to notify your broker as well.

Some subscribers have asked about auto trading. The brokers shown below will auto trade your account based upon your instructions. We are not affiliated or compensated by these firms. 


We are not responsible for actions taken on your behalf by any agent to include the brokers listed below. We make no guarantee as to their ability or performance. 


A subscriber’s decision to auto trade and utilize a broker or agent to do so is entirely at the discretion and risk of the subscriber. We make no representations or warrantees as to their ability.

NOTE: If you cancel your subscription with Optik Options and you want to stop auto trading you have to notify your broker - we can't instruct your broker.

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