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Cruise Ship v. Economy

Let's make some comparisons to what is happening in the world and the economy to that of your time on a cruise.

Suppose you are on the cruise ship and you suddenly hear on day two that some of the food has salmonella but only about 60% of the guests have gotten sick. Would you ignore that and eat the food? Well, what are we hearing about COVID-19?

On the third day of the cruise you hear that the company has made some really bad, in fact stupid, financial decisions and there may not be a port that will allow you to dock to get off the ship because they can't pay what they promised for docking? So you're wondering how am I getting off. What about the U.S. National Debt ballooning to $26.2 TRILLION! Is that a sound judgment decision by our elected officials. Well, you can only elect filthy rich, or those with backers that are filthy rich. We can elect the best, the smartest or the most qualified.

On the fourth day you can't tell the cruise ship is moving. It is announced the engines are out and you are adrift. Sounds like Congress!

We are in a situation that some would like to ignore and tell you it is going to blow over. Really? We have Covid-19 with no cure and no vaccine and there may never be one with about 22,000 in the USA getting it (or at least reporting) since March. We have unemployment of over 40 million and climbing. We have a national debt of over $26 Trillion. Small businesses, the backbone of America, are being crushed.

So if you were on the cruise ship would you think all is going great or worried as hell you will die at sea? Well then, wake

up America we are all on that cruse ship and the leadership does not have a clue. So where then will the markets be heading? Hummmmm.

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