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Mega Daily Moves

The last four to five weeks the market has been allover the place - volatility has been significant with 200, 400, 600 or more point swings on the Dow in a single day. There's a lot of market consternation over issues such as the Fed and interest rates as well as the China trade. In fact, last week we saw the market flat until a rumor that the U.S. would stop tariffs on China to facilitate a deal. Then on that false rumor we saw a pop of over 230 points and then a drop as the rumor proved false. We've also seen the move up on China possibly providing a deal to reduce the trade deficit by $1 trillion. So the markets have been very reactionary and it has been difficult to commit to a position. We see the cloud lifting and direction becoming a bit clearer and we should have new alerts very soon.

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