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Market Correction - DOW -1,175 at Close

The Dow was down at the open, by 10:45 it was nearly positive. In fact, the S&P did go positive. But then it started to drop and at one point the DOW was down about 1,500 points. Then it recovered about 600 points and then back down closing at a loss of -1,175. To say it was a rollercoaster ride would be an understatement. It was a wild ride with some of the largest point swings in history. The VIX closed above 35. In 28 years of data it has only done so 4.13% of the time and was followed by upswings - some short lived for about 1-2 weeks and others for longer periods. But you're not in Kansas anymore and these are uncharted waters. We have been burnt on some of our alerts this year and are circling the wagons to redefine strategy and we think we have a great solution and the next series of our alerts should do well. Thank you for subscribing and lets look for some good opportunities.

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