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Promises Promises - Pullback Ahead?

Since November 4, 2017 the stock market experienced a great run. What was the cause of the gains? Most people will tell you it was because President Trump promised all sorts of things to boost the economy to include: jobs, tax cuts and better healthcare.

Now if I were to promise to you that I will give you $1 million, a trip to Hawaii and the ability to generate all the income you will ever need would you send me $10,000? Of course not unless you’re an idiot.

That begs the question – is America and the stock market ran by idiots. Afterall, Trump, like all politicians, made a lot of promises. But how do we know what he really intends or even if he wants it can he get it through the legislative process!

To me it would seem idiotic that anyone would send me $10,000 for the promise that I make and also idiotic that the markets would run up like they did on promises that may never see the light of day.

Where are we today? Will markets correct soon – will it become a bear market as we get deeper into this Presidency with no delivery on the promises. I would have to say yes that we will see a correction of a good amount. But to make it a bear market the market gurus state we have to have a 20% loss.

Optik Options is still in the hunt to hit a return of 1,000% for 2017 – with only about 3.5 months to go. We think we are closing in on the time to put our multidirectional system in play – where we are placing as many alerts for PUTS (if not more) as we do for CALLS. We see volatility and whipsawing ahead.

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