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Volatility - Stop Loss - Risk - Gains

We have experienced being stopped out in recent days on two of our alerts – Facebook (FB) and Apple (AAPL). In both cases it was due to morning volatility and the associated news. Some of our subscribers held and made some profits, others were stopped out with the auto trade brokers. We have been asked what are the returns of the auto trading brokers. The answer is that they are all different!

We see the brokers entering and exiting the trades at slightly different times and at slightly different price points. Therefore, when you compare the returns of the brokers there will be a difference in gains. One subscriber wrote in that we should take the stop loss off the alert until morning volatility subsides. We see the point and in some cases that may work well. Our methodology is to limit losses and not let a loss accumulate. Therefore, while removing the stop loss may work on some occasions it could also backfire and result in significantly higher losses.

In the end, Optik Options can’t trade or place traces for our subscribers. It is up the subscriber to determine how best to manage their accounts. For instance you can call and tell the broker enter the trade but disregard the stop loss.

We are doing our best to provide outstanding returns and we think that the year to date record is significant. We appreciate all the comments and feedback from all our subscribers and we are working each day to determine how to provide great returns and reduce risk. Thank you all once again.

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