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Many times we are asked about performance. People want to compare what others are doing, what auto trading brokers are doing and a host of other questions.

What we report on our performance pages we think are on the conservative side and that most active and auto trading subscribers actually beat our returns. Now of course that is not always the case. There are so many factors and watch person has a different strategy and tolerance for loss.

In a number of instances we've exited a trade at a loss only to hear days later that one or more subscribers held the position and made up to 100% in gains on a trade where we reported a loss.

Recently, the alert on BAC we reported a loss when we know some subscribers held it and made a gain of 25% or more.

We strive hard to limit exposure and down side risk. Additionally, we work diligently to make consistent gains. For the year (2017) we are up about 700% in 8 months. We think this beats a vast majority of other services and investments.

Thanks much to our subscribers!

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