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Where’s the Market Heading? BABA 25% Win! Optik Up 334% YTD

We are still in a bull market. So it is grinding higher. Along the way we will see dips, some more substantial than others. The VIX is a very low levels so any crazy Trump Tweets, geopolitical issues or other form of black swan can provide a good dip and an opportunity to buy in. This week we scored another win with a 25% return on BABA. The SPY eluded us, as we could not see a clear by in point. Again, we maintain a bull market position and watch for dip to buy in. The unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in 16 years in May, a fresh sign the slow and long-running U.S. economic expansion has entered a new stage that has left businesses struggling to find qualified workers. The jobs report help boost the markets although weaker than expected. The number of job gains for April and March were revised lower. The unemployment rate slipped to 4.3% but the decline was largely due to shrinking labor force. Thank you to our subscribers. Optik is now up 334% YTD.

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