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Volatility = Key to Performance

Predicting the market direction in the global pandemic is important to improving performance. No doubt the market will have significant moves up and down amid the valid concerns of economic impact. This impact is not only present in the United States but globally as business shuts down and consumers stay home. Without a vaccine social distancing appears to be the only backstop we have at this time. Continued social distancing will continue to impact employment and business operations. Hopefully, we will see a bottom, if not already at the bottom, in economic impact. Now the markets will enter a consolidation period. There are moves to make for profits in the market but no matter how certain one can be and how clear the technical indicators one bit of news, positive or negative, can have an immediate impact. Recently, we saw an example of this when the marker shot up over 900 points on the Dow only to pull back the next day on the news of a vaccine.


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