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Stocks Continue to Move Up – Last Optik Options alert up 40%+

Markets are pushing all-time highs with a brief pullback this past week due to Covid-related growth scares that may hit parts of the economy. When the supply chain is weakened, and consumers can’t buy, the markets bake it in as they did on the news this past week. The three major U.S. stock indexes posted new closing records: Dow closing above 35,000; S&P 500 to 4,411.79; and the Nasdaq up 1%.

The Federal Reserve meets this coming week and investors will be listening and reading releases for future indication of the Feds direction and timing. Investors will be keeping an eye on the bond market and Thursday’s report of Q2 GDP. Over 160 S&P 500 companies will be reporting earnings for one of the busiest weeks. Reports will include big names such as Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet.

This past week Optik Options posted an alert on the SPY that resulted in a 40% gain and over depending on when you held. But it met and exceeded our 40% gain.


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