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Optik Up 290% YTD - Beating the Dow and the S&P

We had a pause to adjust to the new market volatility and the big daily swings up and down we've been experiencing. But amidst the big swings we issued an alert on the SPY to purchase calls and in one day made a 35% gain. Some subscribers held and actually hit the original 50% target we projected.

It appears that markets will continue this level of volatility and it is really not unusual. It is taking time to adapt to the fact that the Dow is around 24,000 and as a percentage of that the swings are not that alarming.

But we are extremely happy that while both the S&P and Dow are negative for the year Optik Options is up 290%. We are proceeding with caution but would like to push though 300% before the end of the year.

Thank you to all our subscribers for alerts and our newsletter.

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