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You Never Know What's Around the Corner

We had issued an alert for AT&T and as soon as we did the trade war talks started. It drove AT&T down - why? Not sure because it should have little to no impact on it from trade wars. We continued to hold AT&T in anticipation of a turnaround. Wells Fargo has it at an outperform with a $40 target. Jim Cramer had a recent article calling it a buy. But no matter what it would not pull up. So early today, after the Dow was up over 400 points, it was still not making any movement up. So we reluctantly decide to exit before it was a 100% loss. Then it suddenly spiked.

We entered it at .38 cents, we exited at .06 cents and then it spiked as high as .33 cents today. We did hear from one lucky person that held it and exited at .33 cents. The spike was cause by the news that Sprint and T-Mobile have restart deal talks.

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