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Digital Currency = Big Government Controlling Everyone

There has been a rumor for a number of years that the U.S. Government would like to get to the point that cash as we know it (paper bills and coins) is completely eliminated. That's right they want to go to digital currency. That is fantastic news for those of use that are into numismatics. The value of our collections should skyrocket. The bad news, at least I think so, for the world is the government will be able to track all your income and spending the the penny!

Can you imagine wanting to put some money in the Salvation Army’s pot but you can’t because the government will know what you’ve done. What if you want to give to a good cause that the controlling government is against? Will you take the chance that you will become a target? All anonymity will be gone! No more stopping at the kids lemonade stand and giving them 50 cents. It will all be tracked.

Has the government over extended its reach? You bet! And if we sit back and watch television and do nothing it will take all of out anonymity inch by inch and over time it will be all gone!

Remember, the government is not for the politicians; it is not for the people! It is suppose to be doing what the majority of citizens want, is it? We have lost site of this and we have been passive and allowed elected officials and governmental agencies to push legislation that is far too invasive.

Suppose we went to a digital currency. First, is it safe? I know of nothing that someone somewhere has not been able to break into and steal. With digital currency every cent you use will be immediately reported to the government. Do we recall the Boston Tea party where we revolted against government aggression and taxation without representation? That is what is happening now and we need to band together and stop it and we can. This is a government by the People for the People!

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