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2018 - Bull Run

Here we are in 2018 - absent a major geopolitical event - the bull will continue its run. There will be dips and pull backs of course along the way. Many are saying that the market is over stretched and due for a major correction. We think that these people are wrong and being predictive based upon history. Well, we are not in Kansas nay more Dorthy. The market with high frequency trading, artificial intelligence, quantitative trading and ETFs galore has really changed the markets. Also, we supposably have in place overall market circuit breakers to prevent major sell offs. So our position is ride the bull - buy the dips. Also, as we have written many times before, with interest rates so low it is free money for borrowing and business growth. And we think we will never see the Fed move beyond a maximum 4% rate. If it did it would bankrupt America.

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