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Any End to the Bull Market?

It does not seem so! This market moves higher and higher. Sure there are some very minor bumps generating small pullbacks. But there has not been a "real correction" since March 9, 2009. In fact, we did a little analysis today and looked back 24 years at the SPY ETF. Even in bear markets we found a surprising fact. If you look at the lowest price of the SPY, in any month going back to January 1993, and then look at the highest price the following month there is not one time that the high price the next month did not exceed the low price of the previous month. You would think that on some occasions the market would be dropping to the point that the high price would be lower then the low of the previous month. But we did not find one occurrence.

So what does that me to us and to our subscribers? It means that if we utilize the proper technical indicators and analysis that we should not necessary be able to pick the low each month but get very close to it. If we can get close to it using our methodology then we should be able to pick an option that expires 4-6 week out that will provide positive returns - month over month.

We plan to explore this theory further and do some additional backtesting and then if it still looks real to start implementing this new paradigm. If it works as we presently think then that should add an additional 120% plus gains to Optik's already stellar returns.

PS - our alert earlier this week for NFLX Oct 6 2017 $177.5 are up 626% today had you held the position - trading at $16.23 from our entry price of $2.25.

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