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Microsoft Alert Alert Alert

Today we issued an alert on Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). We feel highly confident that we will reach a return of 30% or better on this alert. That said it is interesting that some analysts are saying run for cover and others are stating, as we have, that is is a good buy right now.

Azure, one of its cloud offerings, had revenue growing in the triple-digit range as the cloud computing space continues to boom. The commercial cloud annualized revenue run rate is nearly $19 billion.

While other are of the opinion that Microsoft’s stock has had a steady rise. A sign of strength and investor conviction. We agree! last Tuesday, September 19th, it was at a high of $75.63. Today it was at a low of $73.00 – down 3.4% since Tuesday. The options we picked up are the $72.50 calls that expire in November. We have time and room for a good run.

Many people are concerned, and there was a little selloff today, as the VIX popped on news of the DPRK stating that the United States words (Trump) were a Declaration of War and they will shoot down our military aircraft near their airspace.

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