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Markets Rebounded Thursday & Friday

Markets climbed back after the apparent "fake news" report that former FBI Director Comey had drafted a memo that President Trump asked him to drop the Flynn investigation. At 2 p.m. Thursday the markets popped on news that Comey had testified under oath that no one - to include President Trump - had asked him to stop any investigations!

It must be a powerful feeling knowing that you (someone did it) can release a rumor that will either tank or spike the markets and you can make millions. Is that what happened? I have no evidence, it is all conjecture - but something/one sure swung the markets big!

We are still in a bull market and we will continue to watch for entry points that make sense. We entered the trades slightly early last week and were stopped out. Some subscribers held on and bought in as the markets dropped and we have heard form a few that made gains of 50% or greater on the alerts we issued.

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