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Continued Fear in the Markets = Continued Volatility

We’ve seen a number of our alerts not workout as we planned all due to an injection of fear! The VIX shot up and the alerts went south. Our last alert did hit the target. We exited too soon but still recorded a positive return. To date Optik is up over 220%. Fear is still lurking and takes on many forms. We still have North Korea, Iran, Syria and ISIS brewing. None of these will disappear but we do believe at with almost everything that the market will become desensitized. Now we have concerns over who will be the next president of France. We will learn on May 7th if Le Pen wins and if she does then there is fear that France will exit the Euro as did the UK. The Euro/European Union looks to be on the edge of a total collapse, which will destabilize global markets. We also have oil in play constantly and it pulled the market lower this past week as it dropped significantly lower. Lastly, the is the dear of a possible government shutdown in the US. President Trump and his top aides applied new pressure Sunday on lawmakers to include money for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border in a must-pass government funding bill, raising the possibility of a federal government shutdown this week. So we are looking at a long list of issues that should keep the roller coaster moving. One last comment – we are still in a bull market. Opportunities are provided on dips to enter. We will continue to look for those opportunities.

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