Highly Profitable Options Alerts

Proven Methodology

Sustainable competitive long-term advantage. That is our goal. Since 2016 we think we have achieved our goal and allowed Optik Options to consistently beat the S&P 500, year-over-year.

Few people have the luxury or desire to constantly monitor the market and enter trades based on alerts. Optik has three independent brokers that subscribers can use to trade our alerts.  Known as "auto-trading" these brokers monitor Optik Options alerts and execute the trades. You can select any one of three brokerages that will auto-trade Optik Options alerts for you.

Please refer to our FAQ page for more information on auto trading. If you are looking for profitable options alerts we hope you will consider Optik Options.

The SPY ETF is the oldest and largest ETF with over $260 billion of assets (AUM). Because of its size and popularity SPY trades execute easily and fast with incredible levels of liquidity.

We have consistently outperformed the S&P 500 as well as most other newsletters and indexes. We provide timely actionable alerts with predetermined exit points and stop loss strategires. 

Our technical indicators identify the market direction and allow us to issue alerts that are successful regardless of market direction - up or down - in a bull or bear market.

Most of our alerts exit in under 10 days and some the same day. Capital is not tied up for long durations ands thereby reducing risk to adverse events.

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