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Summer Starts June 20th - Market has Rallied but Economy Still Uncertain

Markets have made a strong comeback from the lows caused by Covid-19's negative effect on the economy. The first day of summer is coming on June 20th and there is an abundance of optimism over Covid-19 lockdowns ending and the global economy resuming. The United States has a significant number of new hot spots however and our liberal democratic society does not take well to the direction of the government, specifically wear masks, stay home and be socially distant. Some countries really effectively dealt with the pandemic because their governments instituted social contact tracing with cellular data - not in the USA! As well the citizens, like in China, strictly listen to the Chinese government and wore masks, stayed home and were socially distant.

Why do some countries effectively win the fight over Covid and others do not? Enforcement and stern consequences! In the USA we ignore the governments orders and many people do not wear masks, they continue go to crowded places and socialize and we think our liberty is infringed by allowing contact tracing. Also, in the USA people do not listen to the government's direction because there is little to no fear of any adverse consequences. Ignore the government in China and you will be dealt with swiftly! I do not believe in communism, I am a capitalist all the way. But sometimes in order to help our Nation we need to work as one team to defeat the enemy and the enemy here is Covid-19. Independence and liberty are crucial. Sometime you have to take that away, temporarily, to preserve it for the long term!

Thanks to all our subscribers and followers! We hope you are all well.


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