Intraday Swings Gone Wild

December 23, 2018

As you've noticed the intraday swings are amazing.  This past Friday we saw the market move up about 350 points on the remarks of New York Federal Reserve President John Williams were deemed dovish - i.e. no more rate increases as the Fed keeps an eye on the economy.  But after the gain on those remarks the markets decided it was not enough and finished the day down on the Dow -414 points, a swing of over 760 points during Friday's session!  CRAZY!  We think that there is more crazy to come. 


Our last alert we had a great gain of 34%.  It has been hard to issue alerts as is obvious from the wild swings we've seen.  We are focused on identifying actionable alerts and we want to remind our readers/subscribers that we are up significantly for the year and that patience it key.  We attempt to issue 2-4 alerts on average per month.  That may drop a little due to the market volatility.  But we expect to have another year in 2019 of at least 200% gains.  We appreciate your patronage and wish all a Happy Holiday! 

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