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Year is Half Over – Optik up 201% YTD

It is hard to believe that 2018 is half over. Optik is up just over 200%. At one point we were up near 400% for the year but series of events hit us. Still, it is hard to find anything that is up over 200% YTD and was up over 700% last year. We are working constantly to change with the market. Presently, one author summed it up, we think very well, calling it a “Fish Market” because it is flopping all over the place.

It just takes a Trump Tweet (TT) or a tariff threat to set the market on fire or dump a bucket of cold water all over it. Our last alert was a winner with Visa (V) and a gain of over 40%. Some subscribers stayed the course and reported 60% plus gains.

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