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Fire & Fury Drive Markets Down

The escalating rhetoric between Trump and North Korea was finally enough today to impact the markets sending them down from all time record highs! Luckily, we have been closely monitoring the geopolitical issues and exited our position, in IWM, just prior to the downturn. In doing so we were able to long a 20% gain. Had we held the position it would have ended in the red for the day.

Presently, futures are negative with the S&P -9.00 / -0.36% at the time of this writing. This could present a significant buying opportunity tomorrow. However, we will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings. Defense stocks could soar since some of the neighboring countries, to North Korea, want improved weapons and systems to combat this growing fear. Some say that the concern has escalated to the point that a regional arms race is developing.

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