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Macron Wins French Election – Optik Returns 50%

It appears that Macron has won the French election. This is good news for global markets as it takes away the fear that France will leave the EU. This past week we issued two alerts that resulted in 25% returns each for a great week – up 50%. The bull market is still with us. A record number of IPOs are on the menu for later this year, the volume of listings is reaching levels not seen since 2014. One is Switch Ltd., an operator of data-storage facilities that recently hired Goldman and J.P Morgan and is expected to have a valuation of more than $2 billion! This past week oil tanked and it pulled the markets with it. But Goldman Sachs says that crude may reaching a “capitulation” point. But just as two brother that both attended Wharton will disagree on a market correction there are splits as to where oil is heading. Some think it would not surprise me to see a return to $50 in the next week or so. Others think there is too much supply and storage and that we are at equilibrium. We will continue to monitor the markets and look for opportunities.

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