Large Daily Swings - The New Norm?

Markets have been very volatile this year. With the large run up in the markets from November 2016 to December 2017 the new and frequent daily swings we are seeing may in fact be the new normal and represent a new opportunity. We have been examining and test a new paradigm that involves more frequent trades of a short duration and returns of 10% to 20%. But if we can successfully implement such a plan that works 90% of the time and with 10-15 alerts per month we are looking at 80%+ returns per month. We are near completion of our analysis and may start implementation soon. Please keep posted. More than five months into 2018, Wall Street has made essentially no progress over where it end

China Trade Fears on Hold - Boosts Markets

The fear of a trade war with China has been put on hold with the US and China agreeing not to enact any new tariffs at this time sent the markets up immediately at the open. There has been a lot of hype on Bitcoin and other ICOs. We have written that we are not believers in crypto currencies at this time. Now, a senior economist at the Vanguard Group, the $5 trillion investment fund, is the latest market participant to pour cold water on the No. 1 digital currency. We are still think that until there is substantial regulations that crypto currency is still a gimmick. There is a lot of talk about market manipulation and more specifically around the VIX. There are a number of lawsuits that

Performance Slips from almost 400% to 186% YTD

Optik Options performance has taken a tumble. We were up at one point almost 400% this year and now we've slipped below 200%. But we have over seven months left in the year and while it is discouraging we are committed to improvement and beating last years 700% plus record. We want to thank all our subscribers. Market volume this week was low. Our latest alert on Visa (V) we were stopped out of this morning at the markets whipsawed.

After Stumbling Markets Appear Back to Moving Up

U.S. Stocks Post Biggest One-Week Gain Since March. The markets appear to be digesting the data on producer and consumer prices to indicate low inflation risks and therefor a Fed that is unlikely to accelerate any interest-rate increases. The U.S. stock market seems to have turned the corner, overcoming concerns about inflation, rising rates, trade wars and other geopolitical issues, as witnessed by steady gains over the past six weeks. While we have an a not so hot few weeks we too see turning the corner very soon. Thank you to our subscribers.

May is here and Markets Remain Very Volatile

Yesterday we witnessed continued market volatility with the Dow moving over 400 points first down over 330 points then back up into positive territory. We continue to see these wild swings be we have to remember that we are at historic highs and maybe this is the new normal. If so it may provide great opportunities for daily swing trades. We are always examining the market moves and then working on implementing possible new paradigms that profit from the new market norms - if that is what we are seeing. There's been concern over the Fed raising rates, trade wars, the price of oil and the list cycles. What will be next is anyone's guess. We will wait and watch diligently. Thank you to al

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