Cramer says AT&T is a Buy!

We have a position in AT&T that has been beaten down terribly! We don't understand exactly why since Well Fargo rates it outperform with a price target of $40 and now Cramer - that's right Mad Money man himself says that AT&T is a buy. We continue to hold the position as we still thank it is way oversold and will comeback prior to earnings in April and before option expiration. Markets we up big today (Dow +669) but still not close to making up for the mega loss last week of over 1,400 points. We are approaching this with caution. We did post a modest gain of about 8% on the QQQ ETF alert. Thanks to everyone!

Optik Option Alerts

If you're a subscriber then you are well aware that we have two active/open alerts. One on AT&T where we entered the April 20, 2018 $37 Calls at .38 cents or less. It has dropped at low at .13 cents and we are holding. The other was issued Friday for the QQQ options, the Apr 20, 2018 $162 Calls where we entered at $3.92 or less. Both are underwater! We are holding and think (hope) that buyers will come in and drive both these alerts up for good returns. As far as AT&T, Wells Fargo has them rated at outperform with a price target of $40. We have looked at the technicals and a double bottom has clearly formed. A double bottom is a charting pattern that looks like the letter "W". The twi

The Dow: Today -424; Yesterday -724; for the week -1,140 as Fears of an Escalating Trade War Loom

The Dow dropped 425 points today on the heals of a 720+ point loss yesterday. The catalyst is the fear of Trump versus the entire world (China, Russia, EU, Mexico and Canada) in trade wars. The charts do not look good and we have taken a major loss on the AT&T alert. We issued a new alert today on the QQQ ETF. We can only wait and see what next week brings. This week overall the Dow is down 1,400 points! CNBC reported after the close that this was the second worse week ever for the markets!

Fear of Trade Wars Causes Dow to Drop Over 720 Points!

Trump's trade wars, mainly focused with China, caused the markets to drop today at one time over 720 points! The VIX was moving up steady as market fears are injected. We are holding our position on AT&T (T).

Is it Virtual Reality? Markets Hesitating Prior to Fed News

The markets seemed to start the day positive and then paused. We think the pause was initiated by the pending Fed news release tomorrow at 2pm. Technology sector has been selling off the past few days due in part for fear of a trade war and also in part because of Facebook's dilemma over giving user data away! We issued an alert today on AT&T (T) and at the end of the day our position was up 7%. The market may experience some turbulance tomorrow especiually around 2pm after the Fed release.

Optik Options up 370% YTD

We issued an alert yesterday for MIcrosoft (MSFT) and closed it out today for a gain of 25%. Markets continue a daily rollercoaster ride up and down on all sorts of news and concerns. Most recently, the turmoil seems to stem from concerns over trade wars brewing as a result of Trump tariffs. It is very concerning that people are so easily deceived. We say this in response to the breaking news today that Elizabeth Holmes, the CEO of Theranos, has been charged with “massive fraud.” She founded Theranos on the concept that she could develop commercially-ready portable "blood analyzer” that could perform many lab tests cheaply, only using a small blood sample. In fact, she convinced people,

MU up 577% - Optik up 345% YTD

We just had a gift. On Friday we spotted Micron Technology Inc. (MU) and that it appeared to setting up for a pop and it certainly did returning 211% plus! It spiked higher because analysts at KeyBanc Capital Markets raised their price target on the stock to $65 from $53. We entered that trade at .93 cents and exited at $2.90 some subscribers made out better with one of the auto brokers exiting at 2.94 for a gain of 216.1%. One subscriber has reported getting $3.10 for a gain of 233%. As of this writing MU has traded as high as $6.30 for a gain of 577%. This moved our YTD performance to 345%. MU was on an unprecedented run up today!

Labor Market is Excellent per Jobs Report - Bull Run Continues

We sent a new alert today on Micron (MU) and at the close it is up 15% with the last trade at $1.07 and entering at .93 cents. Our goal is a 25% return and we will have to monitor this closely in this crazy market with two weeks of major swings up and down. Markets seem to have calmed down after it was announced yesterday that the new tariffs enacted by Trump don't have as much as a bite as initially thought and therefore the fear of trade wars subsided. The jobs numbers released this morning before the bell had the effect of pouring gasoline on a fire and the market roared up all day. The MU options only need to reach $1.17 to provide a 25% return. We hope that it makes or exceeds this g

Cohen Resigns - Futures Tank - Did we say VOLATILITY!

Gary Cohn has resigned as the White House's Chief Economic Advisor leaving President Trump's administration. Many people have speculated that should Cohn leave that it would have an adverse reaction in the markets. It appears that they were 100% correct. At one point this evening the Dow futures were -460 points. One message you hear about often on this blog is market volatility. Hang on we should see some tomorrow. Cohn was President Goldman Sachs and a staunch advocate of free trade - let the market set the price - and he was diametrically opposed to the stiff tariffs on steel and aluminum imports that President Trump recently announced.

Optik Options Posts a 30.5% Gain on Micron (MU) - Up over 100% YTD

We sent an alert late yesterday to buy MU. Even though this has been a crazy market (it was up and down today as well) MU triggered on our algorithms and after taking a look we could not pass it up. At the open MU was down significantly but we held our position and it did pay off. It actually surpassed our goal and went as high as 2.39. If you held it to the peak (2.39) you would have made a cool 52.2%. Optik is now up over 100% for the year. Thanks to all.

Whipsaw Crazy - Dow was +155 then -587 to close -420

We exited the SPY call we had issued yesterday today for a slight loss. The price was all over hitting a high of 3.39 then dropping 2.34 to a low of 1.05. It closed the day at 1.34 - we excited at 2.41 - then it went higher and dropped more. So we escaped with a slight loss of 16.9%. We attempt to control the losses and think we did an excellent job today. The past two weeks have seen crazy market fluctuations. Today's fluctuations were caused by the announcement that President Trump intends to impose trade tariffs on steel and other products as early as next week. This news sent the markets all over the place. We have a new late alert today that we issued for Micron (MU). We hope this

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