Dow 46,000? WYNN a screaming buy?

The Dow Jones industrial average index (DJIA) opened the year at around 24,800 and closed Friday at 26,616. In less then a month it has risen 1,816 points and the month has a few days left. If it keeps going at this historically unprecedented pace, it will end the year around 46,500. Will it happen? It could! But there are many people proclaiming that the markets are over heated and way past due for a correction. In fact, those people that do historical analysis of the market performance have stated that today the market is more overvalued than it was in 1929, 2000 and 2007. Those years were peaks before major pullback and of course 1929 was the start of the Great Depression. But can w


Many articles and financial news stations are stating that the markets are overbought. This would imply at least a slowdown in the run up we’ve witnesses since November of 2016 if not a correction. Many people are talking about being way overdue for a 5% correction. What would a 5% correction do to the markets and the psychological reaction of investors? We ask this because at today’s DOW value of 26,071, a 5% correction would take out about 1,300 points. We think that could spur a further drop because a) there’s not been a drop of 5% in a long time and b) 1,300 could create some level of panic. If this were to happen then a buying opportunity could exist - possibly a very good buying op

Markets are on FIRE! Optik starts year with 20% gain on Visa

Markets set new records today and the earnings season starts tomorrow with bank reporting to include PNC, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo. This will fuel the market further if reports are good. The S&P 500 hasn't retreated 3%, either in a single day or over several days, since early November 2016. That is a record! When it tumbles will it start slow and provide lots of warnings or retreat like an explosion creating a crater. No one knows. Today the rally was stated to be because of oil climbing higher. We issued an alert yesterday for Visa (V) and made 20% at the open this morning. Bitcoin is taking some serious hits as various countries are restricting it or considering limiting the usage.

Digital Currency = Big Government Controlling Everyone

There has been a rumor for a number of years that the U.S. Government would like to get to the point that cash as we know it (paper bills and coins) is completely eliminated. That's right they want to go to digital currency. That is fantastic news for those of use that are into numismatics. The value of our collections should skyrocket. The bad news, at least I think so, for the world is the government will be able to track all your income and spending the the penny! Can you imagine wanting to put some money in the Salvation Army’s pot but you can’t because the government will know what you’ve done. What if you want to give to a good cause that the controlling government is against? Wil

2018 - Bull Run

Here we are in 2018 - absent a major geopolitical event - the bull will continue its run. There will be dips and pull backs of course along the way. Many are saying that the market is over stretched and due for a major correction. We think that these people are wrong and being predictive based upon history. Well, we are not in Kansas nay more Dorthy. The market with high frequency trading, artificial intelligence, quantitative trading and ETFs galore has really changed the markets. Also, we supposably have in place overall market circuit breakers to prevent major sell offs. So our position is ride the bull - buy the dips. Also, as we have written many times before, with interest rates

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