December 23, 2018

As you've noticed the intraday swings are amazing.  This past Friday we saw the market move up about 350 points on the remarks of New York Federal Reserve President John Williams were deemed dovish - i.e. no more rate increases as the Fed keeps an eye on the economy....

December 16, 2018

In recent weeks we've seen big swings in the markets.  In fact, some days 500 points or more on the Dow.  There is a lot happening in the United States and the world. 

In the US, markets/investors are concerned about the Fed raising rates; political stalemate...

December 9, 2018

We had a pause to adjust to the new market volatility and the big daily swings up and down we've been experiencing.  But amidst the big swings we issued an alert on the SPY to purchase calls and in one day made a 35% gain.  Some subscribers held and actually hit the or...

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